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F5 Terraform Resources

Welcome to F5 Resources for Terraform.

Terraform can manage infrastructure including low-level components like compute instances, storage, and networking, as well as high-level components like DNS entries, SaaS features, and more.

Get started with F5 Terraform Resources.

Document Revision History

The following table shows the revision history for this documentation. See the following GitHub repos for release information:

Doc Rev Description Date
1.9 Added documentation for F5OS Terraform Provider supporting F5 VELOS and F5 rSERIES. 06-07-23
1.8 Updated Configuring Terraform with corrected sample code syntax and resource name. 03-09-23
1.7 Updated version charts. Added sections for Advanced WAF Integration with Terraform and FAST Integration with Terraform. 09-18-22
1.6 Updated version charts. Added section GCP. 07-07-21
1.5 Added new section: F5 BIG-IP Modules. 01-20-21
1.4 Updated the version table. 08-06-20
1.3 Updates to AS3 Integration with Terraform and Declarative Onboarding Integration with Terraform. 06-23-20
1.2 Added section on Licensing BIG-IP with BIG-IQ. Added a page linking to F5 BIG-IP Provider Release Notes. 06-16-20
1.1 Added section on AS3 Integration with Terraform. Added section on Declarative Onboarding Integration with Terraform. Added information about our Slack channel to the Support page. 04-15-20
1.0 Initial release of Terraform documentation. 10-02-19

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