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F5 Resources for Terraform

Welcome to the F5 Resources for Terraform.

Terraform can manage infrastructure including low-level components like compute instances, storage, and networking, as well as high-level components like DNS entries, SaaS features, and more.

Get started with F5 Terraform Resources.

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Document Revision History

The following table shows the revision history for this documentation. See the following GitHub repos for release information:

Doc Rev Description Date
1.10 Documentation changes for the v1.19 release. 09-28-23
1.9 Added documentation for F5OS Terraform Provider supporting F5 VELOS and F5 rSERIES. 06-07-23
1.8 Updated Configuring Terraform with corrected sample code syntax and resource name. 03-09-23
1.7 Updated version charts. Added sections for AWAF Integration and FAST Integration. 09-18-22
1.6 Updated version charts. Added section GCP. 07-07-21
1.5 Added new section: Cloud modules. 01-20-21
1.4 Updated the version table. 08-06-20
1.3 Updates to AS3 Integration and Declarative Onboarding Integration. 06-23-20
1.2 Added section on License BIG-IP with BIG-IQ. Added a page linking to Release Notes. 06-16-20
1.1 Added section on AS3 Integration. Added section on Declarative Onboarding Integration. Added information about our Slack channel to the Get support page. 04-15-20
1.0 Initial release of Terraform documentation. 10-02-19

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