Class 1: BIG-IQ Application Management and AS3


In this class, we will review the application management feature available with BIG-IQ 6.0 and above.

Manage app services programmatically with Application Services 3 Extension (AS3) and BIG-IQ:

  • Create, import, and edit AS3 templates to use in deploying application services through a declarative model to managed devices from the BIG-IQ graphical user interface.
  • Use BIG-IQ with AS3 templates to support standard, declarative app services and security policies for BIG-IP configuration to accelerate app deployment, ensure consistency, and increase app deployment flexibility.
  • Support infrastructure-as-code with cloud templates and the creation and centralized management of BIG-IP via BIG-IQ in any environment.
  • Automate and centrally manage advanced application services as part of the F5 Automation Toolchain.
  • Enhanced visibility of applications deployed over multiple environments
  • BIG-IQ now supports the creation, visibility, and management of applications deployed across multiple devices, clouds, and data centers.
  • Allows for enhanced management capabilities of all DNS and HTTP instances of an application deployment, including those configured with AS3.
  • Enables the system administrator to specify user access and management permissions to the application deployments.