Module 6: Visibility for Legacy applications in the Applications tab (new 7.1)

In BIG-IQ v6.0 F5 introduced the Application dashboards which provided customers deep insights into their application health and performance. The dashboards have been well received by F5 customers as they provide an easy way to drill into a specific application to see how it’s performing or to troubleshoot an issue related to that application. Unfortunately to take advantage of the new dashboards existing applications would need to be re-deployed using one of the many application templates. This meant that the Application dashboards would only be relevant to newer applications that are deployed and not to the many legacy/brownfield applications that already exist.

While many customers are eager to move towards templated configurations to simplify their environments, they may not have been in a position to re-deploy their current applications just to gain the per-application views provided in the new dashboards. They are still able to get Analytics under the Monitoring tab, but the Analytics are presented in a more aggregated fashion vs. the per-application views in the Application dashboard.

In BIG-IQ v7.1, an admin can now add “legacy” (or “brownfield”) applications into the Application dashboard without having to re-deploy the application using a template. The Legacy applications will provide the same analytic views as those applications deployed via a template, however the configuration sections are read-only, except for enable, disable, force-offline operations for Pools and Virtual Servers.

For more information about requirements and recommendations for creating a BIG-IQ Application Service with existing device configurations, please consult K02142132.