Module 2: CIS Using ClusterIP Mode


The F5 Integration for Kubernetes overview describes how the BIG-IP Controller works with Kubernetes. Because OpenShift has a native Kubernetes integration, the BIG-IP Controller works essentially the same in both environments. It does have a few OpenShift-specific prerequisites.


In this module we’ll use ClusterIP Mode to communicate with CIS.

See also

The official F5 documentation is here: F5 Container Connector - OpenShift


Before being able to use F5 CIS, you need to confirm the following:

  • You must have a fully active/licensed BIG-IP (SDN must be licensed)
  • A BIG-IP partition needs to be setup for exclusive use by CIS
  • You need a user with administrative access to this partition
  • Your openshift environment must be up and running


The following labs will walk you through these prerequisites.