Lab 1- Join UDF Course

Welcome to NGINX – Intro to NGINX+ from BIG-IP! In this course we will learn the following:

  • How to install Nginx Plus.
  • How to navigate and utilize the Nginx Plus dashboard and api
  • how to shared memory zone synchronization
  • How to use configure service discovery (optional lab)

This lab will go through initial setup and add you the agility class.


a prerequisite for this exercise is having an RDP client on your machine such as remote desktop connection. If you do not have one, please download one, Some examples are

Remote desktop connection (macOS)

Chrome browser RDP

Follow these steps to complete this lab:

Exercise 1 - Setting Up Lab Workstation

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Navigate to
  3. login using your UDF credentials, you should have received an email from
  1. Upon first login, you will be prompted to change your password.
  1. Review and accept the terms for using UDF.
  1. Locate the class “Nginx Plus & integrating with BIG-IP” and click launch.
  1. You will be given a overview the class, press join.
  1. the link for the lab guide (in case you haven’t already opened it) can be found in the description box
  1. click on the ‘deployment’ tab in the top left, notice your lab environment is spinning up.

Exercise 2 - RDP to Windows Jumphost

In this exercise, we will connect to the Windows Jumphost.

  1. Under the ‘Systems’ column, locate the ‘Jumphost’ block.
  1. Click ‘Access’ -> ‘RDP’ and this will download a ‘.rdp’ file to your local machine.
  2. Once the RDP has downloaded, open the .rdp file and when prompted, select ‘continue’.
  3. When prompted for the login credentials, use username: user: password: user
  1. You should now be in your windows Jumphost.