Introduced : BIG-IP_v9.0
The ProfileAnalytics interface enables you to manipulate a local load balancer&aposs Analytics profile. Use the analytics profile interface to add, modify or remove an analytics profile. Modifying an analytics profile can include: - Setting flags which specify which metrics are collected. - Setting flags which specify notification targets for alerts. - Adding or removing references to profiled virtual servers. - Adding or removing configured alerts. - Adding or removing predefined subnets. - Adding or removing traffic capture.






A structure that specifies a logging facility in profile attributes.


A structure that specifies a session cookie security mode in profile attributes.


A structure that specifies a user session collection timeout in profile attributes.


Enumeration Description
AnalyticsAlertGranularity Analytics alert granularity - Specifies a granularity level on which the alert is defined.
AnalyticsAlertMetric Analytics alert metric - Specifies a metric on which the alert is defined.
AnalyticsAlertThresholdRelation Analytics alert threshold relation. The enum value specifies whether the threshold value must be below or above the metric value.
CapturedProtocol Captured protocol - defines which application layer protocols will be captured when capturing is turned on in an Analytics profile.
LoggingFacility Analytics system logging facility. This enumeration is used when configurating an external logging server. It is used to determine which logging facility will be used.
SessionCookieSecurityMode Session cookie security mode - specifies the condition for adding a secure attribute to session cookies.
SessionTimeout Session timeout - defines the timeout for collecting user session data.
TransactionPart Transaction part - defines a specific part of a transaction. This enum is used whithin the context of traffic capture to specify what to do with a specific part of a transaction (e.g. what part of a transaction to capture, what part to filter).


Exception Description


Constant Type Value Description


Alias Type Description
AnalyticsAlertGranularitySequence AnalyticsAlertGranularity [] A sequence of analytics alert granularities.
AnalyticsAlertGranularitySequenceSequence AnalyticsAlertGranularity [] [] A sequence of a sequence of analytics alert granularities.
AnalyticsAlertMetricSequence AnalyticsAlertMetric [] A sequence of analytics alert metrics.
AnalyticsAlertMetricSequenceSequence AnalyticsAlertMetric [] [] A sequence of a sequence of analytics alert metrics.
AnalyticsAlertThresholdRelationSequence AnalyticsAlertThresholdRelation [] A sequence of analytics alert threshold relations.
AnalyticsAlertThresholdRelationSequenceSequence AnalyticsAlertThresholdRelation [] [] A sequence of a sequence of analytics alert threshold relations.
CapturedProtocolSequence CapturedProtocol [] A sequence of captured protocols.
CapturedProtocolSequenceSequence CapturedProtocol [] [] A sequence of a sequence of captured protocols.
LoggingFacilitySequence LoggingFacility [] A sequence of logging facility definitions.
ProfileLoggingFacilitySequence ProfileLoggingFacility [] A sequence of profile logging facility definitions.
ProfileSessionCookieSecurityModeSequence ProfileSessionCookieSecurityMode [] A sequence of profile session cookie security modes.
ProfileSessionTimeoutSequence ProfileSessionTimeout [] A sequence of profile user session collection timeout definitions.
SessionCookieSecurityModeSequence SessionCookieSecurityMode [] A sequence of session cookie security modes.
SessionTimeoutSequence SessionTimeout [] A sequence of session timeouts.
TransactionPartSequence TransactionPart [] A sequence of transaction parts.
TransactionPartSequenceSequence TransactionPart [] [] A sequence of a sequence of transaction parts.

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