Last updated on: 2023-05-25 08:49:13.

General Usage

User Agent

Please use a user-agent that is descriptive of your organization, for example:
curl --user-agent “ iHealth client v1.0”

API Versions

Specific versions of the API may be requested by sending the required version in the Accept: header. The content type must be specified as application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api[.v][+format], like so:
Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api.v1.0
Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api.v1.0

If you are using a browser, you may also add the version parameter to a request: api_version=1.0. If both an Accept header, and a version parameter are sent, in the case of conflict, the version parameter will take precedence. If no version is specified, then the most current version will be used.

Results Formatting

Where appropriate, the API can return results in either XML or JSON, or in the case of diagnostics, in XML, JSON, PDF, or CSV. There are two ways to request the format, using an Accept header, or a format specifier on the method call. If both an Accept header and a format specifier are used, in the case of a conflict, the format specifier will take precedence. If unspecified, XML will be returned. Example Accept format headers:
Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api.v1.0+xml # returns v1 in xml format
Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api.v1.0+json # returns v1 in json format
Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api # returns latest in xml format
Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api+json # returns latest in json format
If a URL format specifier is used, it must be used on the method call, before any URI query string parameters are sent, thus this is valid:
While this is not:
In addition, diagnostics may be retrieved in PDF or CSV format, using the appropriate headers:
Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api.v1.0+pdf # returns pdf format
Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api.v1.0+csv # returns csv format
or a format specifier on the method call:

PDF and CSV formats are currently only available for the diagnostics call, and will trigger an error for any other method call.