QKView Metadata

The QKView resource provides access to different aspects of an uploaded QKView, both to data originally contained within the QKView and to data that the iHealth servers generate upon receipt of a QKView, as well as available metadata about a QKView. There are methods to retrieve Diagnostic output, command output, individual files from within the QKView, metadata associated with the QKView, as well as configuration, licensing, hardware, and software details. All these methods use a common RESTful base address, and in addition, may have parameterized options.


Associated with an uploaded QKView is various metadata that may be of interest, including the following data:
  • support entitlement data
  • credentials used to upload the QKView
  • upload timestamp
  • chassis serial number
  • GUI visibility
  • sharing status
  • F5 support case
  • non F5 case

This data is retrieved via a single method (verb: GET):
curl -H"Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api" --user-agent "MyGreatiHealthClient" --cookie cookiefile --cookie-jar cookiefile -o - https://ihealth-api.f5.com/qkview-analyzer/api/qkviews/<qkview_id>

The following attributes are editable:
  • visible_in_gui
  • f5_support_case
  • description
  • share_with_case_owner

These may be changed using the following method (verb: POST), either with URL encoded URL parameters, or with form data in the POST body.
curl -H"Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api" --user-agent "MyGreatiHealthClient" --cookie cookiefile --cookie-jar cookiefile -o  —data ‘visible_in_gui=true&description=this%20is%20my%20description’- https://ihealth-api.f5.com/qkview-analyzer/api/qkviews/<qkview_id>

Possible responses:
  • 200 OK, body contains metadata about qkview, including entitlement status, uploader name and e-mail and upload date
  • 202 ACCEPTED, body may contain reason for delay
  • 404 NOT FOUND
  • 406 Not Acceptable

If a 202 is received, then the caller should wait at least 10 seconds to allow processing to finish, and then try the request again.

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