Last updated on: 2023-05-25 08:49:13.

QKView Other Data

The QKView resource provides access to different aspects of an uploaded QKView, both to data originally contained within the QKView and to data that the iHealth servers generate upon receipt of a QKView, as well as available metadata about a QKView. There are methods to retrieve Diagnostic output, command output, individual files from within the QKView, metadata associated with the QKView, as well as configuration, licensing, and software details. All these methods use a common RESTful base address, and in addition, may have parameterized options.

Other Data

It is possible to retrieve other types of data about the qkview. This information is broken down by slot (in the case of an appliance the slot will always be 0, in the case of a chassis with multiple blades, they will be listed by occupied slot). Each slot will have a block of data that is broken down into roughly three categories.
This data can be acessed in as specific a manner as needed by using the
curl -H"Authorization: Bearer {auth token}" -H"Accept: application/vnd.f5.ihealth.api" --user-agent "MyGreatiHealthClient" -o -<qkview_id>/bigip

This base method can be used to obtain specific data about a given QKView, in one of several general categories by adding a simple path describing the structure of the data you are trying to retrieve. For example, to get the chassis serial number, you would use this path:<qkview_id>/bigip/serial_numbers/chassis/

which would return this XML snippet:
<bigip path="serial_numbers/chassis">

For each blade the following top-level categories may exist:
  • serial_numbers
  • platform (hardware platform specifier)
  • big_ip_license (license information)
  • system (load averages, hostname, uptime, etc.)
  • software
  • module_licensing_and_provisioning

Each of these sections contains data elements describing the current running configuration. Certain sections will contain statistics relating to the data element, and may also contain snippets of configuration files for the given element.
Statistics will be on an as-provided basis, i.e., the number and granularity of the statistics will be dependend on the underlying software versions, and hardware platforms.