BIG-IP LTM v12.0.0

Commands Introduced in BIG-IP LTM 12.0.0

Commands Updated in BIG-IP LTM 12.0.0

  • clientside - Causes the specified iRule commands to be evaluated under the client-side context.
  • HTTP::cookie - Queries for or manipulates cookies in HTTP requests and responses.
  • ROUTE::bandwidth - The average of the bandwidth estimates for TCP connections.
  • serverside - Causes the specified iRule command to be evaluated under the server-side context.
  • TCP::bandwidth - Returns a bandwidth estimate for the peer.
  • TCP::nagle - Enables or disables the Nagle algorithm on the current TCP connection.

Events Introduced in BIG-IP LTM 12.0.0

Commands Deprecated or Removed in BIG-IP LTM 12.0.0

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