Basic Environment Requirements

This document provides the minimum basic requirements for using the F5 Integration for OpenStack Neutron LBaaS in OpenStack.

OpenStack Requirements

The OpenStack installation guides cover the requirements for specific environments.

We recommend that you install and configure the following OpenStack services. Each of these is necessary for one or more F5 OpenStack integrations.

Service Description F5 Integration
Nova compute service LBaaSv2, Heat
Neutron networking LBaaSv2
Keystone identity LBaaSv2, Heat
Glance image service Heat
Horizon dashboard LBaaSv2 [1], Heat
Heat orchestration Heat
Barbican key management LBaaSv2

BIG-IP Device Requirements


  • You must have the appropriate license for the BIG-IP features you wish to use.
  • All numbers shown in the table below are per BIG-IP device.
BIG-IP Requirements
Deployment NICs VLANs [2] Tunnels [3] VTEPs [4] License
Standalone overcloud 2 2 n/a n/a any
Standalone undercloud 2 2 1 1 better or best
Pair overcloud 3 3 n/a n/a any
Pair undercloud 3 3 1 1 better or best
Scalen cluster overcloud 3 3 n/a n/a any
Scalen cluster undercloud 3 3 1 1 better or best


[1]The LBaaSv2 dashboard panels are available in OpenStack Mitaka and later releases.
[2]Two VLANS = data & management. Three VLANS = data, management, and HA. See Configuring the basic BIG-IP network for more information.
[3]Tunnels can be either VxLAN or GRE.
[4]If you’re using a tunnel to reach an undercloud BIG-IP, you must configure the BIG-IP virtual tunnel endpoint (VTEP) before launching the F5 Agent.