How to add the F5 flavors to OpenStack Nova


By default, only admin users can create Nova flavors. See OpenStack Horizon - Manage flavors for more information.

You can add custom F5 flavors to OpenStack Nova using the OpenStack CLI. Commands follow the format

$ openstack flavor create FLAVOR_NAME --id FLAVOR_ID --ram RAM_IN_MB --disk ROOT_DISK_IN_GB --vcpus NUMBER_OF_VCPUS

The values shown here reflect the requirements for BIG-IP Virtual Edition images v12.0 and later.


$ openstack flavor create f5-1slot --id auto --ram 4096 --disk 20 --vcpus 2


$ openstack flavor create f5-ltm --id auto --ram 4096 --disk 50 --vcpus 2


$ openstack flavor create f5-all --id auto --ram 4096 --disk 140 --vcpus 4


If you’re using the BIG-IP Application Acceleration Manager(AAM) module, increase the disk size to 160.