Log Formats

This document details about the log formats for CNF CWC.


The CNF CWC logs include the timestamp, log type, severity, version and message in key-value pair format.

Log Format

Timestamp | Log-Type | Severity | version | Message=""


2023-05-26 06:58:02.691|A|informational|1|Message="Mode configured is connected"

Supported CNF CWC Key

The table below list the supported CNF CWC key:

Key Name Description
Message Log statement

Log Types

The table below list the supported log types:

Log Types Description
C Compliance/Audit
T Transaction
S System
U User
A Application

Log Levels / Severity Levels

The table below list the supported log level / severity levels:

Value Log Level / Severity Level Description
0 Emergency System is unusable
1 Alert Action must be taken immediately
2 Critial Critical conditions
3 Error Error conditions
4 Warning Warning conditions
5 Notice Normal but significant conditions
6 Informational Informational messages
7 Debug Debug-level messages