Components of Declarative Onboarding

Declarative Onboarding Declaration

A Declarative Onboarding declaration describes the desired initial configuration of an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) such as F5 BIG-IP.

Declarative Onboarding JSON Schema

The JSON schema validates the declaration, and then produces a BIG-IP configuration. The JSON Schema document prescribes the syntax of an Declarative Onboarding declaration. The declaration schema controls which objects may appear in a declaration, what name they may or must use, what properties they may have, which of those you must supply in the declaration, and which Declarative Onboarding may fill with default values. The schema also specifies the ranges of values certain properties may take.

Declarative Onboarding contains two modules: a REST worker and an audit engine. The REST worker provides a CRUD interface for creating and modifying the declaration document. The audit engine is responsible for aligning BIG-IP configuration with the declaration document.

Declaration > Validated Declaration > Parser > Auditor > iControl > BIG-IP