Document Revision HistoryΒΆ

Revision Description Date
2.1 Updated the documentation for Declarative Onboarding v1.5.0. This release contains the following changes:
* Support for creating an Analytics profile (see Creating an Analytics profile).
* Added support for using Authorized Keys in declarations (see Keys example).
* Added a new page for Adding or removing members of a Device Group
* Added a note to the Prerequisites and Requirements stating that due to changes in TMOS v13.1.1.5, the Declarative Onboarding Extension is not compatible with that specific TMOS version.
* Added the schema files from previous releases to the GitHub repository
* Updated Validating a declaration to clarify the schema URL to use
* Updated the documentation theme and indexes.

Issues Resolved:
* Declarative Onboarding now disables DHCP for DNS/NTP if DO is configuring them (see the note in DNS class and NTP class)
* License keys no longer appear in the log
* Radius server secrets no longer appears in the log
* LicensePool now respects custom management access port of the BIG-IP that is being licensed
* When a 400 is received from restjavad, DO now tries relicensing
* Fixed an issue in which initial clustering failure would prevent clustering from working on subsequent attempts due to using the wrong device name.
2.0 Documentation only update: Added the Declarative Onboarding Overview video to the home page. 05-24-19
1.9 Released Declarative Onboarding v1.4.1. This maintenance release contains no changes for Declarative Onboarding from 1.4.0 but does include a new version of the Docker Container. 05-21-19
1.8 Updated the documentation for Declarative Onboarding v1.4.0. This release contains the following changes:
* Using the Declarative Onboarding Container now allows you to send declarations to multiple BIG-IPs without waiting for previous declarations to finish onboarding.
* taskId is now returned from POST onboard requests (see Note in POST documentation)
* New /task endpoint to retrieve status by task (see Note in GET documentation)
1.7 Released Declarative Onboarding v1.3.1. This maintenance release contains only fixes for the following GitHub issues:
* Issue 7: Does not remove SelfIP and VLAN
* Issue 17: BIG-IP requesting reboot after declaration
* Issue 18: wrong GW IP in declaration leads to DO problems
* Issue 21: DO declaration with multiple modules requires manual reboot and re-post
* Issue 32: DOv1.3.0 to create multiple VLANs / self IP need to run twice on v14.1
1.6 Updated the documentation for Declarative Onboarding v1.3.0. This release contains the following changes:
* Added support for revoking a license from a BIG-IP with BIG-IQ, as well as relicensing and overwriting a license (see Revoking a license using BIG-IQ).
* Added instructions for validating a declaration using Microsoft Visual Studio Code (see Validating a declaration).
* Added support for modifying a Self IP address.

Issues Resolved:
* Corrected an issue in which all Self IPs would be updated if there was a change to any of them.
* Corrected an issue in which clustering was not working if ASM was provisioned.
1.5 This documentation update release updated the style of this document. 01-28-19
1.4 Updated the documentation for Declarative Onboarding v1.2.0. This release contains the following changes:
* Added support for using Declarative Onboarding in a container (see Using Declarative Onboarding in a Docker Container).
* Added a new section on using JSON Pointers in Declarative Onboarding declarations (see JSON Pointers).
* Added a note and link about the Declarative Onboarding Postman Collection available on GitHub (see Prerequisites and Requirements).
* Added notes about the BIG-IP v14.0 and later Secure Password Policy (see If using BIG-IP 14.0 or later for details).
* Added new example declarations to Example declarations.

Issues Resolved:
* Corrected an issue which would reject a CIDR of 1x on a Self IP address.
* Corrected an issue in which DB vars were not rolled back in the event of an error.
1.3 Updated the provisioning examples to use a value of minimum and not minimal. 01-08-19
1.2 Updated the documentation for Declarative Onboarding v1.1.0. This version is fully supported by F5 Networks, and has moved to the F5Networks GitHub repository. Additionally, this release contains the following changes:
* Added support for using a BIG-IQ to license the BIG-IP (see Composing a declaration for licensing BIG-IP with a BIG-IQ).
* Added support for using arbitrary database variables (see DB variable class).
* Added support for assigning users to All Partitions (see User Class for usage).
* Added the option of not allowing Shell access when creating a user (see User Class for usage).
* Improved reporting for schema validation errors.
* Declarations now apply defaults from the schema.

Issues Resolved:
* Corrected a clustering race condition when onboarding 2 devices at the same time.
* Fixed an issue that was improperly deleting objects which just had a property change.
* Declarations now dis-allow sync-failover device group with both autoSync and fullLoadOnSync.
* Declarative Onboarding now ensures that non-floating self IPs are created before floating self IPs.
* Declarative Onboarding now handles missing content-type header.
* Fixed an issue where device name was not being set if hostname already matched declaration.
1.1 Updated the example declarations to change allowService from all to default, changed the tagging for VLANs to false, updated the Self IP section to include a trafficGroup and removed the floating parameter as it does not apply to Self IP.
Added a tip to Composing a Declarative Onboarding declaration for a standalone BIG-IP and Composing a Declarative Onboarding declaration for a cluster of BIG-IPs stating you can use GET to track the status of a declaration.
1.0 Documentation for the initial release of F5 Declarative Onboarding 11-13-18