F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming

Welcome to the F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming User Guide. To provide feedback on this documentation, you can file a GitHub Issue, or email us at solutionsfeedback@f5.com.


F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming is entering a phase of ongoing maintenance and support. A product in maintenance mode continues to receive support and ensures its stability with regular critical fixes and security updates. This maintenance approach helps maintain the longevity and reliability of the product for the long term. Enhancement requests for this product will be evaluated on an individual basis, taking into consideration their overall impact and alignment with our business objectives. Only those with a strong case for improvement will be considered for implementation. There is no plan to deprecate this product.

PLEASE NOTE: This the documentation for the latest version of Telemetry Streaming, if you want to see the documentation for a long term support (LTS) version, use the version selector on the top left (for details, see Support information on GitHub).


F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming (BIG-IP TS) enables you to declaratively aggregate, normalize, and forward statistics and events from the BIG-IP to a consumer application. BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming is an iControl LX Extension delivered as a TMOS-independent RPM file, and uses a declarative model, meaning you provide a JSON declaration rather than a set of imperative commands. To use BIG-IP TS, you POST a single JSON declaration to BIG-IP TS’s declarative REST API endpoint.

See our BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming overview video:

This guide contains information on downloading, installing, and using the BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming Extension. Use the navigation panes, and/or the Next and Previous buttons to explore the documentation.

You can click the following links to go directly to a specific Push Consumers or Pull Consumers:

Push Consumers Supports System Poller Supports Event Listener
Splunk yes yes
Microsoft Azure Log Analytics yes yes
Microsoft Azure Application Insights yes (metrics only) no
AWS CloudWatch yes (metrics only) no
AWS S3 yes yes
Graphite yes yes
Kafka yes yes
ElasticSearch yes yes
Sumo Logic yes yes
StatsD yes (metrics only) no
Generic HTTP yes yes
Fluentd yes yes
Google Cloud Operations Suite’s Cloud Monitoring yes (metrics only) no
Google Cloud Logging yes yes
DataDog yes yes
OpenTelemetry Exporter yes (metrics only) partial (converts logs to metrics)
Pull Consumers Supports System Poller Supports Event Listener
Default Pull Consumer yes no
Prometheus Pull Consumer yes (metrics only) no