F5 Telemetry Streaming

Welcome to the F5 Telemetry Streaming User Guide. To provide feedback on this documentation, you can file a GitHub Issue, or email us at solutionsfeedback@f5.com.


Telemetry Streaming (TS) is an iControl LX Extension delivered as a TMOS-independent RPM file. Installing the TS Extension on BIG-IP enables you to declaratively aggregate, normalize, and forward statistics and events from the BIG-IP to a consumer application by POSTing a single TS JSON declaration to TS’s declarative REST API endpoint.

Telemetry Streaming uses a declarative model, meaning you provide a JSON declaration rather than a set of imperative commands.


This guide contains information on downloading, installing, and using the Telemetry Streaming Extension.

Click the following links to go directly to the supported third-party consumer example declaration:

You can use Microsoft Visual Studio Code to validate your declarations, see Validating a declaration for information.

See our Telemetry Streaming overview video:

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