iApps LX Framework Contracts

In iApps® LX, the programming framework is defined as an API contract interface in the JSON block. With the defined contract, there is no need for external users to further program an iApps LX while it is processed. This processing is carried out between the block worker and the processors (config processor, audit processor, stats processor).

The contract is a predefined communication flow between the user and the iApps LX block. On the front-end of the communication flow, the “user” is an external user sending a REST command (or a BIG-IP GUI command) and on the back-end of the communication flow, the “user” is an internal worker. Workers are written by developers to support how the Processor Interface resolves any received external APIs. The contract defines who events to whom (the eventing framework of the state engine flow) and what is communicated, the JSON block input and data properties. In addition, it also defines the auditing, storage, and persistency policies of the block.