iApps LX GlossaryΒΆ

In the iApps LX documentation, the terminology is based upon implementing the feature using REST APIs.


If you choose to use the BIG-IP GUI to create and deploy iApps LX block instances, note the different terminology as shown in the following table.

REST Definition BIG-IP GUI
template Is a type of data block model, not instantiated template
package An RPM file that includes the block template, JAVA script code (of the config,audit, stats processors), and custom GUI configuration Package Management LX
model The model component of the iApps LX MVC architecture reflecting the JSON block  
JSON Block Structure that includes the template and the block instance  
block instance Instantiated JSON block data with custom variable configuration Application Services LX
State: unbound Block instance, not yet deployed, no state change sent to the config processor saved
State: binding Block instance currently being deployed, state change sent to the config processor Deploy
State: bound Block instance successfully deployed,state is changed successfully deployed
State: error Block instance failed to be deployed error