Lab 2.2: Install the AS3 Extension

As mentioned previously, iControl LX Extensions are packaged using an RPM format. We will use the REST API to install AS3 onto our BIG-IP device.


This lab work will be performed from Lab 2.2 - Install AS3 onto BIG-IP folder in the Postman Collection


Task 1 - View Installed iControl LX Extensions

Perform the following steps to complete this task:

  1. Send the Step 1: Get Installed iControl LX Extensions request to view extensions installed on the BIG-IP device:


  2. Review the JSON response Body. The JSON payload shows extensions that are installed on the BIG-IP device in the items array. In this case, we have no extensions installed, so the items array is empty.


Task 2 - Install the AS3 Extension

Perform the following steps to complete this task:

  1. Click the Step 2: Upload AS3 Extension RPM request.

  2. Click the Body tab, then click the Select File button:


  3. Select the previously downloaded RPM file located in the Downloads folder on your Windows jump host. Then click the Send button to upload the RPM file to the BIG-IP system:


  4. Review the Test Results to ensure the file upload was successful:


  5. Click the Step 3: Create AS3 Extension Install Task request and click Send. This request will command the iControl LX framework to install the RPM uploaded in the previous step. Because the installation task is an asynchronous operation, we need to check the status of the task in the next step.

  6. Click the Step 4: Get AS3 Install Task Status request and click Send.

  7. Check the Response Body and ensure the task status is FINISHED:


  8. Click the Step 5: Get AS3 Version Info request and click Send. Review the Response Body to ensure the AS3 is installed and has started: