Class 3: Application Deployments with BIG-IP and Application Services (AS3)ΒΆ

This class provides hands-on experience using F5's AS3 declarative interface for configuration of a BIG-IP. You will use AS3 for configuration by sending directly to BIG-IP and alternatively BIG-IQ.

The class will cover the following topics in the labs that follow:

  • AS3 declarations
  • Using Postman to send AS3 declarations
  • Using Visual Studio Code to perform AS3 Schema validations
  • Create, delete, and modify VIPs using AS3
  • Using AS3 to apply WAF security policy
  • How you can use AS3 with muliple applications per tenant
  • Use of AS3 with multiple tenants
  • Using BIG-IQ to push AS3 declarations

Expected time to complete: 1 hour, 20 minutes

We will be using a jumpbox to connect to the lab environment. Go to the next section for details on how to connect to the lab environment.