Class 13: ADC Performance Monitoring and Autoscaling Lab

This instructor-led lab will provide hands on experience with the ADC performance-based autoscaling solution. The solution, (see below) illustrates how F5's Automation Toolchain can integrate with third party analytics provider(s) to provide cloud-agnostic centralized application delivery monitoring and autoscaling.


During this lab attendees will:

  1. Utilize various third-party technologies/services along with F5’s automation toolchain including:
    • F5 BIG-IP(s) providing L4/L7 ADC Services
    • F5 Declarative Onboarding, (DO) and Application Services 3 Extension, (AS3) to deploy to configure BIG-IP application services
    • F5 Telemetry Streaming, (TS) to stream telemetry data to a third party analytics provider
    • GitHub Actions for workflow automation
    • Azure public cloud for application hosting
    • Hashicorp Terraform and Consul for infrastructure provisioning, service discovery and event logging
    • Elastic ELK Stack, (integrated with BIG-IP(s) via TS) for monitoring and alerting
    • for load generation
  2. Deploy a cloud-based application, along with related infrastructure.
  3. Manage autoscaling operations via a centralized ADPM environment and a third party analytics provider, (Elastic ELK stack) for monitoring/alerting.

Expected time to complete: 2 hours

We will be using a jumpbox to connect to the lab environment. Go to the next section for details on how to connect to the lab environment.