F5 Distributed Cloud: API Discovery & Protection


In this lab, participants will explore the depths of F5 Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) within F5 Distributed Cloud. Dive headfirst into the cutting-edge world of API Discovery, uncovering what’s within, Sensitive Data and Authentication State detection. Get hands-on experience as you unleash the power of API Protection and API Rate Limiting.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of key F5 Distributed Cloud security functions and controls

  • Explore building API Discovery and Protection within F5 Distributed Cloud

    • API Discovery: Provided via machine-based learning processes, enables visualization of the API Framework, assesses use of end-points, discovers new end-points based on flows, identifies use of sensitive information, and enables swagger file export.

    • API Protection: Encompasses a set of definitions and controls to protect and secure the functions, use and endpoints of the delivered API’s framework.