Lab 2 - Publish to the InternetΒΆ

Exercise 1: Create HTTP Load Balancer

  1. Navigate the left-side menu to Manage -> Load Balancers -> HTTP Load Balancers, then click Add HTTP Load Balancer.

    add_HTTP_menu add_HTTP

  2. In the HTTP Load Balancer Configuration Section make the following changes:

    • Name: User <your namespace>-lb

    • List of Domains: Use <your namespace>

    • Select Type of Load Balancer: HTTP

    • Automatically Manage DNS Records: Make sure this is checked


  3. In the Origin Pools section click Add Item.


  4. Select your Origin Pool, which was created earlier in this lab, and Click Apply


  5. In the Common Security Controls section change the Service Policies to Do Not Apply Service Policies then click Save and Exit at the bottom of the page.


  6. After a few moments you should see a screen like the following:



  • Please wait for the VIRTUAL_HOST_READY

Now we are ready to test!

Open a browser tab and navigate to the domain you entered.

In the example below it is

Success will render a page like the following:


Please note the country name.

Refresh your browser a few times and notice what happens to the country name.


This ends the lab.