F5 Distributed Cloud - WAF Policy Supervisor


In this lab, attendees will be introduced to the F5 Policy Supervisor and will explore the features and functionality, including the ingestion of existing policies and deployment of policies to various F5 WAF endpoints.


  • Gain an understanding of F5 WAF policy conversion and deployment.



  • A workstation (laptop) with Internet connectivity and a modern web browser (Google Chrome recommended).

  • Email from courses@notify.udf.f5.com confirming that you are registered to this UDF Course.

  • A valid Microsoft Azure AD account (Azure AD credentials are required for signing in to the F5 Policy Supervisor console).

Labs & Tasks

The next page (Introduction) will cover the lab environment, access, and lab variables. Launching the virtual lab environment requires an F5 Unified Demo Framework (UDF) account. Login to the F5 Policy Supervisor console requires a valid Microsoft account. Upon launching this virtual lab, students are provided an ephemeral F5 Distributed Cloud account that allows them to login to the F5 Distributed Cloud console.


Students who already have an F5 Distributed Cloud account can use their existing credentials to access the F5 Policy Supervisor console.