Module 4 - Create an SSLO for Existing ApplicationsΒΆ

SSL Orchestrator defines an existing application as a typical reverse proxy LTM virtual server, performing its own SSL handling and traffic management. The Existing Application SSLO topology therefore only needs to create the components that this virtual server can consume, specifically the services, service chains, and security policy. The Existing Application SSLO workflow skips SSL management and interception rules, and ultimately produces an SSLO-type per-request policy that can be attached to an existing LTM virtual server.


This module will consist of an abbreviated set of steps, as all of the relevant objects created in Module 1 (services, service chains and security policies) will be fully re-usable here. If any of these objects have not been created, please review Module 1 - Create a Transparent Forward Procy SSLO for more detailed configuration instructions.