Lab 4.3: Attach the SSLO objects to an existing LTM application

The Existing Application topology workflow produces a single SSLO per-request policy. To attach this to the LTM virtual server, edit the virtual server previously created.

  1. Go to Local Traffic ‣ Virtul Servers and select your virtual server created in Lab 4.1. Modify the following properties:

    • Access Policy (Access Profile): attach the single "ssloDefault_accessProfile".

    • Access Policy (Per-Request Policy): attach the existing_app_1_per_req_policy.


      The name may differ depending on the name used in prevous Lab.

    • Click Update

  2. Test your virtual servers with the attached SSLO policy.

    • RDP to the Inbound Windows client.
    • Browse to or if you added a host entry earlier
    • SSH to the SSLO appliance. A tcpdump on the source side FireEye VLAN should showthe VS traffic traversing FireEye:
tcpdump -lnni -Xs0 host