Module 5 - Manage the SSLO Security PolicyΒΆ

SSL Orchestrator provides a rich, interactive, rules-based security policy through the Guided Configuration.


The security policy itself is a front-end to an access per-request engine that converts the rules into visual elements in this policy. Also note that the order of rules affects the order of events in the visual policy. Rules are read top-to-bottom and converted into corresponding visual agents nesting from left to right.


While security policy rules work well for most traffic processing scenarios, it may be necessary to go beyond their capabilities and manipulate the visual per-request policy directly.


Keep in mind, however, that the rules engine converts rules to visual elements in one direction only. It cannot convert visual elements back to rules, therefore once the visual per-request policy has been manipulated, the Guided Configuration security policies user interface will no longer be available.

This lab will explore some of the different options for manipulating SSLO security policies.