5.2. Revoke the BIG-IP VE License (Ansible)

The sslo-cloud-templates repository also includes an example playbook to revoke the BIG-IP VE license. This allows you to re-use a license without having to call F5 Support to release the activation lock.


The license that the instructor provided for this lab is valid for 30 days.

In VSCode, click playbooks > utility-revoke-license.yaml to view the example playbook.


This playbook relies on variable values provided by the previously reviewed ansible_vars.yaml file.

The playbook tasks are described below:

Ansible Tasks
Task Name Module Name Description
Remove the license from the system bigip_command Revokes the BIG-IP (SSL Orchestrator) license using a TMSH command.

In the BASH Terminal, run the playbook:

ansible-playbook -e @ansible_vars.yaml playbooks/utility-revoke-license.yaml

Wait for the Ansible playbook to complete.

In the BIG-IP (SSL Orchestrator) TMUI, you should see a message indicating that the system is not operational due to licensing.