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As an adjunct to the GUI web interface for, F5 also provides a programmatic interface available via the iHealth REST API ( This API provides controls to manage QKViews including methods to manage an individuals QKView collection, as well as access to the data within any of the QKViews. iHealth users may manage their QKView collection by making HTTP calls to perform the following types of actions:
  • Add a QKView
  • Delete a QKView
  • Toggle a QKView’s visibility in the iHealth GUI
  • Retrieve a previously uploaded QKView
  • Get the current API version and other operating parameters
  • Open a support case
  • get End of Life data for F5 products

In addition to managing your QKView collection, this API also provides method calls to access the data associated with a QKView, including:
  • iHealth diagnostic data
  • files
  • subset of tmsh command output
  • QKView metadata
  • edit case numbers
  • perform log searches

Examples utilizing the iHealth API in the command reference consists of curl commands, but the methods in the API may be called from any programming language or framework that supports HTTPS calls.
The iHealth API is not supported by the F5 support organization, but is provided as a helpful addition for you to keep your BIG-IPs running as well as possible.

Reference Topics

Here’s a list of some reference information that you can use to help you with all of your iHealth API usage:

Example Scripts

There are a couple of example scripts written in bash that should be enough to provide

an example implementation to achieve a couple of tasks, and can serve as a jumping off point to write your own integrations with the iHealth API. Current examples include: