VELOS API Workflows

There are three main points of management within the VELOS chassis: the system controllers, the chassis partitions, and the individual tenants. Each support their own CLI, webUI, and API access.

At the system controller level, initial configuration consists of defining static and floating IP addresses, optional Link Aggregation for the out-of-band management ports, routing, and other system parameters like DNS. Licensing is also configured at the system controller level and is similar to VIPRION in that it is applied at the chassis level and inherited by all chassis partitions and tenants.

For more information about configuring your system, see VELOS Systems: Getting Started and VELOS Systems: Administration and Configuration at the Documentation - F5OS-C and VELOS.

You can use a RESTful API client like Postman to configure the VELOS platform.

Download the F5 VELOS platform Postman Collection.


Chassis Partition Creation

Creating a Chassis Partition via the API