How to: Perform a manual failover for a BIG-IP Next HA instance from BIG-IP Next Central Manager

Description: This document describes how to perform a manual failover for an existing BIG-IP Next HA instance.


Use this procedure to perform a manual failover from the active node to the standby node in a BIG-IP Next HA instance.


  1. Log in to BIG-IP Next Central Manager as admin, click the workspace switcher next to the F5 icon, and click Infrastructure.

  2. In the Mode column, click the BIG-IP Next HA instance.
    The HA Parameters panel displays for this BIG-IP Next HA instance.

  3. Next to HA Nodes, click Force Failover.
    A confirmation popup displays.

  4. Click the Yes, Failover button.
    The failover process icon displays.

The standby node in the BIG-IP Next HA instance becomes the active node.