How to: Remove a managed BIG-IP Next instance from BIG-IP Next Central Manager


Remove a BIG-IP Next instance that you no longer want to manage from BIG-IP Next Central Manger.

When you remove a managed BIG-IP Next instance, you remove all associated objects from BIG-IP Next Central Manager and reset the BIG-IP Next instance to factory settings.


  • To manage BIG-IP Next instances, you must have Administrator or Instance Manager user credentials. Users with Application Manager and Auditor credentials have read-only access to all application service information. For more information about user roles, see How to: Assign standard roles to users.


  1. Log in to BIG-IP Next Central Manager, click the Workspace icon next to the F5 logo, and click Infrastructure.

  2. Select the checkbox next to the BIG-IP Next instances you want to remove.

  3. From Actions, select Delete. A confirmation page displays.

  4. Click Delete Instance to remove the instance.