How to: Restore a BIG-IP Next instance from a backup file on BIG-IP Next Central Manager


Use this procedure to restore a BIG-IP Next instance’s configuration from a backup file saved on BIG-IP Next Central Manager. You typically restore a backup file after:

  • Upgrading a BIG-IP Next instance.

  • Performing a factory reset on a BIG-IP Next instance.


  • To manage BIG-IP Next instances, you must have Administrator or Instance Manager user credentials. Users with Application Manager and Auditor credentials have read-only access to all application service information. For more information about user roles, see How to: Assign standard roles to users.

  • You must have a backup file for the BIG-IP Next instance you want to restore and the instance must be in a healthy state. You can only restore a backup to the BIG-IP Next instance that you used to create the backup.


  1. Log in to BIG-IP Next Central Manager, click the Workspace icon next to the F5 logo, and click Infrastructure.

  2. On the left, click Back Up & Restore.
    The Backup Files page opens.

  3. Select the checkbox next to the backup you want to use to restore the BIG-IP Next instance’s configuration.

  4. On the right of the screen, click Restore.
    The Restore Backup confirmation box displays.

  5. To restore the configuration from this backup file, click the Yes, Restore button.

BIG-IP Next Central Manager restores the BIG-IP Next instance’s configuration with its backup file.