How to: Upgrade BIG-IP Next Central Manager


Use this procedure to upgrade to the most recent version of BIG-IP Next Central Manager.


  • Sufficient resources such as disk space and memory. Refer to the release notes for this release for more information.

  • Complete all administrative tasks. You can be logged in during the upgrade, but you cannot perform any tasks.

  • Upgrade the BIG-IP Next instances to the latest version before upgrading BIG-IP Next Central Manager.

    For example, if your BIG-IP Next Central Manager is version 20.0.2 and BIG-IP Next instance is version 20.0.2, first upgrade the BIG-IP Next instances from 20.0.2 to version 20.1.0 using the 20.0.2 BIG-IP Next Central Manager, and then upgrade the BIG-IP Next Central Manager from 20.0.2 to 20.1.0. version.


  1. Log in to MyF5 Downloads.

  2. Accept the EULA and click Next.

  3. Under Group, select BIG-IP_Next.

  4. Under Product Line, select Central Manager.

  5. Under Select a product container, choose the appropriate version.

  6. Under Select a download file select the appropriate tgz file and the (if required) sig file(s).

  7. Under Download locations, select the appropriate location.

  8. Click Download. The file is downloaded to your local system, which can take up to an hour because of the size of these files.

  9. Log in to BIG-IP Next Central Manager as admin, click the down button at the top of the screen to open the menu for BIG-IP Next Central Manager, and then click About.
    The About this BIG-IP Next Central Manager popup displays.

  10. Click the Upgrade button.

  11. Select the Create a backup before upgrading checkbox.

  12. After creating a backup, browse to the location of the upgrade file you downloaded.

  13. Click the Yes, Upgrade button.
    A progress bar opens.

  14. When the upgrade is complete, click the Close button on the progress bar box.