Last updated on: January 19 2023.

F5OS-A 1.0.0 - High Availability Overview

Feature Overview

Due to the system architecture design, rSeries (and other F5OS platforms) does not support platform to platform level of High Availability setup, the BIG-IP HA setup is on the tenant to tenant level.

Feature deeper overview

Similar to VIPRION systems, F5OS platform systems like rSeries or VELOS run as the hosting platforms and there is no HA between the host platform, all the individual platforms are running as standalone systems. BIG-IP instances running as tenants on the F5OS system can be configured as High Availability setup as a DSC (Device service clusters)

BIG-IP instances in a HA or DSC group can be located either on the same hosting platform or on different ones, however the recommendation is to run BIG-IP instances in a HA/DSC group on different hosting platforms.

In short:

BIG-IP device service cluster supported as:

  • BIG-IP tenants on the same F5OS hosting platforms

  • BIG-IP tenants on different F5OS hosting platforms

Platform to platform HA/DSC is not supported