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The iControl SOAP interface was deprecated in version 11.6. The interface is still functional, but is not being actively developed. See K98821303 on AskF5 for details.


If you are interested in BIG-IP deployment automation via iControl/REST APIs, be sure to visit Application Services 3 (AS3) and F5 Application Services Templates (FAST).
AS3 is our next-generation customer-facing declarative API designed to accelerate BIG-IP application services deployments as well as simplify integrations with 3rd party orchestration systems and CI/CD toolchains.
FAST is our next-generation configuration templating technology built on AS3.

Welcome to the iControl (SOAP) section! iControl is the first open API that enables applications to work in concert with the underlying network based on true software integration. Utilizing SOAP/XML to ensure open communications between dissimilar systems, iControl helps F5 customers, leading independent software vendors ( ISVs ), and Solution Providers realize new levels of automation and configuration management efficiency. Whether monitoring network-level traffic statistics, automating network configuration and management, or facilitating next generation service-oriented architectures, iControl gives organizations the power and flexibility to ensure that applications and the network work together for increased reliability, security, and performance. Further, iControl has proven itself as a valuable technology that can help reduce the cost of managing complex environments.

Reference Topics

Here’s a list of some reference information that you can use to help you with all of your iControl needs. Note that these are available from most Wiki pages in the navigation pane to the left of the screen.

Advanced Topics

Are you looking to delve deeper into iControl? Would you like to find some more complex examples and commands? Well then this is what you’re looking for, here’s a list of the more Advanced iControl topics. Be sure to check out the CodeShare too, for some great examples of putting iControl to work.

  • Perl - A list of Perl related resources here on DevCentral.
  • PowerShell - A list of PowerShell related resources here on DevCentral.

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