Last updated on: January 19 2023.

F5OS-A 1.2.0 - sPVA Hardware Support for AFM

Feature Overview

This release adds hardware support for sPVA features for AFM to the Vanquish platform (R series R5000 and R1000), including enabling hardware DoS protection at a per-endpoint granularity, enabling individual IP addresses to be allow-listed or deny-listed, and enabling hardware-supported DoS protection profiles on a per-fully-qualified virtual server basis. For more information on configuring this feature for your BIG-IP tenant, see BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager: Getting Started.

Most of the changes are targeted to the tenant being able to communicate properly with the sPVA; this means that the monitor and configuration is done directly on your tenant. No changes are introduced in the F5OS GUI or CLI.

Customer use case example

The user needs a way to mitigate DoS attacks in hardware for the additional performance, with per-virtual server/endpoint granularity.