Advanced OptionsΒΆ

This section describes additional options that you may want to configure once you are used to using Telemetry Streaming.

Parameter Options Description/Notes
trace false, true, string This value is useful during debug of Telemetry Streaming because it dumps intermediate data to a file. This value can be applied to the Poller, Listener, and Consumer classes. The option false disables the tracer. The option true enables the tracer and dumps the data in /var/tmp/telemetry in a file named DEFAULT_LOCATION/OBJ_TYPE.OBJ_NAME. The option string sets a custom path to the file.
match string, pattern (regex) This value applies to the Telemetry_Listener class and provides a string or pattern (regex) which will result in events being dropped that do not match the value of a defined set of keys in the event. Defined keys: virtual_name, policy_name, Access_Profile, context_name
enableHostConnectivityCheck true, false This value applies to the Telemetry_Consumer and Telmetry_System_Poller class. If set to true, Telemetry Streaming will check if it can reach the host and return a fail if it cannot reach the host.