1. About F5 Azure SACA

The following is a guide of some of the terms that will be used in this document as well as a reference to resources for additional information.

1.1. SACA

Secure Azure Computing Architecture for DoD (SACA) is a notional deployment of SCCA.

1.2. SCCA

SCCA is an abrievation for Secure Cloud Computing Architecture that is outlined in the following document: https://iasecontent.disa.mil/stigs/pdf/SCCA_FRD_v2-9.pdf

This architecture provides guidance on requirements for securing Cloud Computing Environments based on US DoD experience.

It outlines recommended components including a Cloud Access Point (CAP), Virtual Datacenter Security Stack (VDSS), Virtual Datacenter Managed Service (VDMS), and Trusted Cloud Credential Manager (TCCM).

1.3. Azure

Microsoft Azure is a leading provider of Cloud Computing resources and provides both a US Government and US DoD Cloud Computing Environments.

1.4. F5

F5 Networks provides products and solutions for high availability, security, and performance optimization of Cloud Computing environments.

1.5. F5 Azure SCCA

This document will focus on the deployment of virtual resources in support of an SCCA environment. SCCA can be a combination of physical and virtual resources.

The deployed example architecture can be utilized to aid fulfilling requirements around segmentation of traffic, visibility of encrypted traffic, and security of application protocols that are outlined in the SCCA document.