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Module 3: DDoS Monitoring and DashboardΒΆ


In this lab, we will generate attack traffic to the BOS BIG-IP being managed by BIG-IQ 6.1 with DCDs. When BIG-IP is configured to send DoS logs to the DCD, BIG-IQ can display a near real time DoS Dashbaord for visibility and analysis.

Reviewing the DDoS Monitoring Dashboard:

  • Protection Summary: Global view of high level Attacks, Devices, and Protected Objects
  • DNS Overview: Dashboard for protecting DNS based services which includes details on DNS Traffic, stats, counters
  • DNS Analysis: Dashboard for DNS DoS analysis including TPS, query types, and Geo Data when available
  • HTTP Analysis: Dashboard for HTTP DoS analysis including TPS, query types, and Geo Data when available
  • Network Analysis: Dashboard for Network based DoS analysis including Event types, DoS attack Types, and Geo Data when available
  • Attack History: Listing of attacks in reverse chronological order

In addition to the Dashboards, there are other ways of extracting and reporting on data.

  • The Reports tab allows for creating reports from BIG-IPs, which are issued on demand and the data pushed from BIG-IP (HTTPS must be allowed into the BIG-IQ from the BIG-IPs)
  • The Events->DoS tab provides search/listing and filtering on individual Event logs sent to BIG-IQ on various DoS and protocol logs.