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digraph breadcrumb { rankdir="LR" ranksep=.4 splines=ortho node [fontsize=10,style="rounded,filled",shape=box,color=palegreen,margin="0.05,0.05",height=0.1] fontsize = 10 labeljust="l" consumer [label="AppDev,\nDevOps,\nNetOps",color="gray72"] environment [label="Environment",color="gray72"] subgraph cluster_class1 { style = "rounded,filled" color = lightgrey height = .75 label = "Class 1: Introduction to Automation & Orchestration" bigip [label="BIG-IP"] iapps [label="iApp Templates\n& Deployments"] iwf [label="AS3 Templates & Deployment"] { rank=same rest_basics [label="REST Basics"] authentication [label="Authentication"] globalsettings [label="Global Settings"] networking [label="Networking"] clustering [label="Clustering"] transactions [label="Transactions"] rest_basics -> authentication -> globalsettings -> networking -> clustering -> transactions -> bigip } { rank=same iapp_basics [label="iApp Basics"] iapp_templates [label="iApp Templates"] iapp_deployments [label="iApp Deployments"] iapp_basics -> iapp_templates -> iapp_deployments -> iapps } { rank=same onboarding [label="Basics"] templates [label="Templates"] catalog [label="Catalog"] deployments [label="Deployments"] onboarding -> templates -> catalog -> deployments -> iwf } } consumer -> iwf -> iapps -> bigip -> environment }

In this class we learned the base concepts and skills required to effectively automate the F5 BIG-IP platform. The diagram above shows a high-level view of the different components to this base level of knowledge. In subsequent classes we will expand on the core concepts and knowledge learned in this class.

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