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Module 1: f5-super-netops-container ToolkitΒΆ

In this module, we will explore how to use the f5-super-netops-container toolkit to easily integrate various F5 Automation, Orchestration, Super-NetOps and DevOps tools, along with framework technologies.

The f5-super-netops-container is meant to be provided as a technical leave behind, a functional solution that contains tools (which we will use in this Class) and documentation around F5 Cloud Solutions. The container is continuously updated to always include our latest information.

The labs in this module will show you how to install the f5-super-netops-container image; you can also start it in your local environment and access the same various tools and documentation.

To install the f5-super-netops-container, your system must support running Docker Community Edition (CE). Please refer to https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/#platform-support-matrix for more information.

This toolkit is fully open source and is on GitHub at https://github.com/f5devcentral/f5-super-netops-container