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Module 2: F5 f5-postman-workflows & f5-newman-wrapperΒΆ

In the previous Class you may have found the tasks associated with checking various response values and populating environment variables very tedious. In addition to being tedious, these tasks are not fundamentally automatable due to the requirement for human interaction.

In order to assist users with automating the F5 BIG-IP platform we have developed a set of tools that can be used with the Postman REST Client (http://getpostman.com).

The tools are:

  • f5-postman-workflows
    • Provide re-usable JavaScript functions that ease testing of API responses and populating environment variables
    • Implement a delay-based polling mechanism
  • f5-newman-wrapper
    • Allow users to easily assemble Postman collections into workflows
    • Enabled integration with third-party tools such as Ansible, Chef & Puppet

This framework allows collection developers to create automatable collections that include full testing of response values, population of environment variables to establish chains of requests and time-based polling to allow long-lived API processes time to complete.

Users can then interact with these collections via the Postman GUI client, run the collections with the Postman Runner or the Newman CLI client.

This lab module will walk you through using the tools. If you are interested in developing collections using the f5-postman-workflows framework please visit the official GitHub repository at https://github.com/0xHiteshPatel/f5-postman-workflows