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Lab 4 - Declarative - Create VS, Pool and Members using App Services (AS3)

You will create a playbook to deploy VS, Pools and associated Members using App Services.

Task 1 - Create service playbook using AS3

  1. Examine playbook service_4.yaml.

    • Type nano playbooks/service_4.yaml


    This playbook uses roles which contain their own vars, files and tasks. Grouping content by roles allows easy sharing of playbooks with other users. You may examine the files in roles/service_4 directory.

  2. Run this playbook.

    • Type ansible-playbook playbooks/service_4.yaml -e @creds.yaml --ask-vault-pass
  3. Verify results in BIG-IP GUI.

  4. From the BIG-IP GUI, select Local Traffic->Virtual Servers page. There are no virtual servers listed in Common partition. You will need to select Service4 partition on the top right to view the serviceMain virtual service.

  5. Select serviceMain then Security->Polocies and note the service_4_WAF created.

  6. Run this playbook to teardown.

    • Type ansible-playbook playbooks/destroy_all_services.yaml -e @creds.yaml --ask-vault-pass
  7. Verify results in BIG-IP GUI.


Roles are ways of automatically loading certain vars_files, tasks, and handlers based on a known file structure. Grouping content by roles also allows easy sharing of roles with other users. Additional info on use of roles can be seen at this link.