1.3.3. Deploy the Service Discovery iApp on a BigIP Cluster across two Availability Zones

  1. Login to the active Big-IP1 configuration utility (web ui). Using the examples in our lab-info output:
  2. Navigate to iApps. The “HA_Across_AZs” iApp will already be deployed in the Common partition and is automatically configured when you deploy the HA CloudFormation template across availability zones.
  1. The Service Discovery iApp will automatically discover and populate nodes in the cloud based on tags.
  2. From the configuration utility (web ui) of Big-IP1. iApps => Application Services => Create…
Question value
Name service_discovery
Template f5.service.discovery
What is the tag key on your cloud provider for the members of this pool? findme
What is the tag value on your cloud provider for the members of this pool? web
Do you want to create a new pool or use an existing one? Create new pool…
Application Health
Create a new health monitor or use an existing one? http


  1. Local Traffic => Pools => track the newly created service_discovery_pool. Within 60 seconds it should light up green. The service_discovery iApp has discovered and auto-populated the service_discovery_pool with two web servers.