Lab TopologyΒΆ


The credentials used to access the resources are:

Environment Username Password
Window(s) RDP student agility
Ubuntu(s) student agility
BIG-IP SSH root F5agility!2
BIG-IP GUI admin F5agility!2

And the networking information is as follows:

VLAN Interface (tag) Self-IP
client-net 1.1
HTTP_in 1.3 (110) SSLO managed
HTTP_out 1.3 (120) SSLO managed
ICAP admin
L2_in 1.6 SSLO managed
L2_out 1.7 SSLO managed
L3_in 1.3 (50) SSLO managed
L3_out 1.3 (60) SSLO managed
Tap 1.4 SSLO managed
outbound-net 1.2