Beacon Getting Started

This guide walks through creating an Application within F5 Beacon to gain a single view into its health, status, and history. You will take an application with distributed components such as DNS, API Gateway, Data, Middleware, and other Services and then combine them into a single logical entity. You will then begin to ingest data into F5 Beacon and associate that data with the different application components.


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What You Will Do

  • Model a Mobile Application within the F5 Beacon Portal and API.
  • Ingest Data from Various Sources depending on your environment.
    • Beacon Monitor
    • BIG-IP
    • Telegraf
    • Additional sources to be added in future updates
  • Associate the ingested data with components of the modeled Mobile Application.
  • Manipulate the data sources to see how it impacts the Application
  • Create a Dashboard to view the Application