About F5 Beacon

F5 Beacon, a SaaS offering, provides visibility and actionable insights into the health and performance of applications. Driven by an application-centric approach, F5 Beacon empowers leaders and app owners with the right set of visibility, monitoring, and analytics across their entire application portfolio.


Beacon offers:

  • End-to-end app visibility:

    • Account for all applications irrespective of where they are deployed
    • Review the health status of applications
    • Gain operations, security, and cost insights
  • Single pane of glass, where telemetry data from different sources can be fused together to provide actionable insights:

    • F5 portfolio of products and services

    • Telegraf: a plugin-driven server agent for collecting and reporting metrics from 170+ sources

    • Fluentd: a plugin-driven data collector to gather metrics from log data

    • Other sources: Datadog - Synthetics service and UptimeRobot leveraging our open declarative APIs and Webhooks (see Ingest API)

  • Synthetic testing to track availability and performance characteristics for HTTP endpoints

  • Integration into common DevOps toolchains (such as Ansible)

  • Flexible application modeling that aligns with existing environments and standards


Access to Beacon

  1. Go to https://beacon.f5.com/
  2. Create an F5 Cloud Services Account
  3. Get started using the 45-day free trial