About F5 Beacon

F5 Beacon, a SaaS solution, empowers end-to-end visibility across your application portfolio and offers anomaly detection, root cause analysis, and security compliance assurance to drive better-informed decisions and improve customer experience.


Beacon offers:

  • End-to-end app visibility:

    • Account for all applications irrespective of where they are deployed
    • Review the health status and performance of your applications
  • Single pane of glass, where telemetry data from different sources can be fused together to provide actionable insights:

    • F5 portfolio of products and services, including but not limited to F5 BIG-IP and NGINX

    • Telegraf: a plugin-driven server agent for collecting and reporting metrics from 170+ sources

    • Fluentd: a plugin-driven data collector to gather metrics from log data

    • And many more integrations…

  • Synthetic testing to track availability and performance characteristics for HTTP and DNS endpoints

  • Integration into common DevOps toolchains (such as Ansible)

  • A declarative API to help further in automation and extensibility of Beacon.

  • Flexible application modeling that aligns with existing environments and standards.


Subscribe to Beacon

Getting up and running with Beacon is quite easy, you will need a Cloud Services account, and you will need to subscribe to the Beacon Service.

  1. Navigate to https://beacon.f5.com/ and create an F5 Cloud Services Account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Log into your new account and click Subscribe to get started or start your 45-day free trial.

Need more help on how to sign up and subscribe, refer to the signup documentation.


Getting Started

Getting started is easy—just follow the Beacon Getting Started Guide. The guide will show you how to

  • Model an application
  • Ingest telemetry
  • Create monitors
  • Create insights
  • Create a dashboard