About the F5 Essential App Protect Service

Essential App Protect provides instant, out-of-the-gate protection from common web exploits, malicious IPs and coordinated attack types. The solution takes the complexity out of securing your applications with a simple, cloud-native SaaS solution that is built and optimized for two types of users:

  • DevOps and application developers without a deep background in application security and require fast adoption and deployment
  • Cloud architects who are defining enterprise standards in mid-large organizations

Essential App Protect allows users to create a fast, efficient, and optimized security policy addressing known OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, and it is accessible through both a modern UI and open APIs that can connect to existing CI/CD pipelines.


The Essential App Protect Service is available now. To get started with Essential App Protect, you will need a Cloud Services account, and you will need to subscribe to the Essential App Protect Service. Details can be found on the signup page.

Next, log into your new account and click Try it free (30 days) to get started.


The trial gives you all the features and protections of a subscription—only sizes and quantities are limited, as shown below.

  1. Trial duration: After the trial period, the account will start automatic billing if you have a payment method on file; otherwise, the subscription will be suspended pending a payment method.
  2. Endpoints: No more than 5 subscriptions (5 FQDNs to be protected)
  3. Bandwidth: 15 GB per FQDN (subscription) per day

Getting Started


Getting your app protected can be done quickly with a few simple steps:

  • Provide the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for your application,
  • Choose an region for your application
  • Provide SSL/TLS information for your application,
  • Select your protection options, and
  • Update your DNS settings.

In just a few minutes you are protected against, common web exploits, malicious IPs, coordinated attacks, and more, with no security expertise required. For more details on these steps, see How to set up Essential App Protect Service in the F5 Cloud Services knowledge center.