F5 OpenStack Heat Integration

F5’s OpenStack Heat Integration consists of the F5 Heat template library and F5 Heat Plugins for OpenStack.

General Prerequisites


Active development of Heat Orchestration templates for BIG-IP version 13 and later has moved to the f5-openstack-hot repo in GitHub.

The F5 OpenStack Heat Integration’s documentation set assumes that you:


  • You must host your BIG-IP VE image in a location accessible via ‘http’. The F5 Heat templates can not retrieve files via ‘https’. File uploads via OpenStack Horizon are not supported.
  • BIG-IP VE images come in different sizes. Choose the correct F5 flavor for your image.

Heat Plugins

The F5 Heat Plugins for OpenStack enable BIG-IP objects for use in OpenStack. The Heat plugins use the F5 Python SDK to communicate with BIG-IP via the iControl REST API.

Install the F5 Plugins for Heat

Heat Templates

You can use the F5-Supported Heat templates to provision resources and BIG-IP services in an OpenStack cloud. F5’s Heat templates follow the OpenStack Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) specification. You can use the templates in conjunction with F5 iApps to deploy BIG-IP VE instances and Local Traffic Manager services.


The F5 Heat template library contains supported and unsupported templates. The unsupported templates provided in the f5-openstack-heat GitHub repo are ‘use-at-your-own-risk’.

Templates in the unsupported directory are not supported by F5, regardless of your account’s support agreement status.

Browse the F5-Supported Heat templates


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